Review: Check Swing by Carrie Aarons (The Callahan Family #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

This series just keeps getting better and better! Three books in and I do believe I've found my favorite one in the Callahan Family series. Check Swing is the story of the family's black sheep--Sinclair Callahan, the younger brother of Walker Callahan, whose own story precedes Sin's. And this is where I remind anyone who's new to the series or to Carrie Aarons's writing that the Callahan Family books may be read as standalones, but there are recurring characters and the possibility of spoilers for the previous books is very real.

Sinclair Callahan got his wake-up call a year ago. Having lived a life of excess finally caught up with him, landing him in a coma. With a year of sobriety now under his belt, Sinclair heads to spring training in Florida to dip his toe in the family business via the marketing department. When he literally crashes into Francesca Kade, he's pleasantly surprised that she has no clue who he is. They engage in an unforgettable spring fling, which ends with nothing more than an awkward wave from him. Five months later, and Frankie is now in Packton, Pennsylvania as the Packton Pistons's new assistant strength coach and very much pregnant. Will secrets and lies get in the way of a happy reunion?

I really enjoyed Frankie and Sinclair's story! The first third has them engaging in their spring fling in Florida, while the remaining bulk takes place in Pennsylvania. I totally understood the feelings of hurt and anger on both ends. I liked seeing how their time together in Florida was far more easygoing compared to what they were experiencing in Pennsylvania, forcing them to work harder at letting go of all the negative feelings and rediscovering what they shared months prior. Kudos to Carrie Aarons for reminding that even soulmates have to work towards their happily-ever-after. Five stars for Check Swing.


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Release Date: 12 March 2021

Date Read: 12 March 2021

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