Review: Booklover by J.E. Birk (Vino & Veritas #6)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by Heart Eyes Press.

My first J.E. Birk read was a little over four years ago, and I quite enjoyed Dating Ryan Alback. So when I found that she was part of Sarina Bowen's World of True North book universe, I was curious to see what Birk would bring to the table, and while curiosity didn't kill the proverbial cat, it did have it--meaning me--purring in delight and satisfaction. Booklover is the sixth Vino & Veritas novel, and it had two book-loving main characters who have a thing for reading romances but don't quite have the time or conviction for romance themselves. This is a standalone, so everyone can simply dive in.

Aspiring librarian Jamie Morin has a lot on his plate. From his studies at Moo U to helping his dad at the family dairy farm to his part-time job, you'd think he didn't have time for much else. But when he learns about the new book club at Vino & Veritas, there was no way he was going to miss, especially given that the first book to be discussed was an all-time favorite from a go-to author. Jamie will always have time for books, especially romances; but what he doesn't have much time for is any type of romantic entanglement. 

So, as much as he's got a thing for one of the bookstore's employees--and a co-founder of the book club--Jamie needs to make it clear to Briar Nord that their first hook-up may sadly be their only hook-up, no matter how hot the sex was. Luckily for Jamie, Briar's not in the market for a boyfriend, not when he knows all too well how disappointing people can be. So maybe friends with benefits is the perfect arrangement for these twenty-year-olds. But pretty quickly, it starts to feel like more, but any hope for Jamie and Briar to have what they thought they could not may be jeopardized once Briar's past comes back.

I seriously adored this book! There was lighthearted humor and some moments where I found myself laughing, but there were also points in the story wherein I empathized with both Jamie and Briar, particularly because the former was being bogged down by the weight of responsibility on his shoulders and the latter didn't feel like he belonged anywhere. They doubted that they were what the other needed, but these two were exactly what each one deserved. I also loved the people around them because they knew that Jamie and Briar were worthy of far more than they were allowing themselves to have as individuals and as a couple. J.E. Birk has penned a romance about fictional booklovers that this real lover of books, especially romance, loves. 4.5 stars for Booklover.

Release Date: 29 March 2021

Date Read: 28 March 2021

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