Review: Perfect Matcha by Erin McLellan (Bold Brew #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Ah, I do love me a good friends-to-lovers romance, and that's exactly what Erin McLellan gives readers in her contribution to the multi-authored Bold Brew series. Perfect Matcha is the story of Camden Ray and Theodore Punch, two-thirds of the Three Mountaineers, which is what they called their trio of best friends. When the third of their group, Freddie O'Neil, names Camden his best man, it seems like a given; but waffling on whether or not to invite Theo highlights how frayed their friendship, even five years after they broke up as a romantic couple. Now, that Theo's received his invitation, he wants to make sure that he's got someone by his side, and he hopes Camden will help him find that someone. That's what best friends do for each other, right? But what if said best friend has been harboring not-so-platonic feelings for years?

I liked the banter between Theo and Cam, making it clear just how much these two adored each other, reaching a comfort level in their friendship that highlights the strong foundation it sits upon. This was a quick read, one that was enjoyable and without too much fussiness. The author not only did a great job showing readers why these two were perfect for each other, but also why Camden was as hesitant as he was being open about the fact that he's been in love with Theo for years. Introducing Theo to a side of himself he'd never explored before was fun and hot. There's a pinch of angst, but nothing overly heavy or heartbreaking, which allowed the story to stay fairly lighthearted throughout. Erin McLellan delivers yet another great read, which is why she's a go-to for me. I'm giving Perfect Matcha four stars!

Release Date: 11 March 2021

Date Read: 10 March 2021

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