Review: Wrecked by Sinclair Jayne (Sons of San Clemente #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hollis Remington just needs some time to get her life back on track and she plans on doing so in her grandmother's beach cabin in San Clemente, California. When she gets there, she finds it already occupied by none other than the only man she's ever loved: professional surfing living legend Kadan Carson. He's recuperating from what looks like a possible career-ending injury and as tempted as she is to throw him out, he makes it clear that Hollis's grandmother invited him to stay. They agree to share the cabin, but with a shared and unresolved past and feelings that never really went away, Hollis and Kadan will be forced to be more open than they've ever been, creating a chance of getting things right this time around.

Wrecked marks the debut of author Sinclair Jayne and is the second novella in the multi-authored contemporary romance Sons of San Clemente series. This can be read as a standalone as it doesn't really share much with the book that came before it other than a shared setting and the mention of a secondary character. I really enjoyed this second chance romance between twenty-nine-year-old Hollis Remington and and thirty-five-year-old Kadan Carson. They're both at a crossroads in their respective lives and their paths crossing again at this point is a sign that maybe the one thing that's been missing all along was each other. This was fast-paced though it didn't feel rushed to me and I liked how their love story played out.

While I really liked Kadan and understood his need to prove naysayers wrong when it came to his surfing career, Hollis came off as insecure and immature, making her act irrationally at times--both while they were still together and even now that they're forced to spend time together again. The endless cheating accusations she hurled at Kadan became tiresome after the first couple of times she did it, and it was quite clear that Kadan was as sick of it as I was. I kinda wish he had moved on and found someone else because who wants to have to suffer through being with someone who didn't trust you, but Hollis does come to her senses and she did grow on me a bit. Overall, Wrecked had a 4.5-starred story and likable hero in Kadan. ♥

Date Read: 03 October 2015

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