Review: Some Girls Don't by Amy Andrews (Outback Heat #2)

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Fifteen years ago, Selena Durrum and Jarrod Weston were both seventeen and very much in love. But Selena chose to leave behind their hometown of Jumbuck Springs and the boy who owned her heart in order to pursue her dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist. She never looked back and has become a successful television reporter while Jarrod chose to remain in Jumbuck Springs and became a firefighter, an especially dangerous occupation when bush fires come into play. When they meet again for their school's centennial, the hurt Selena caused Jarrod still lingers but so does the undeniable chemistry between them. With much left unsaid and undone, these two former lovers can't resist the pull, but when Selena's career gets in the way a second time, will it lead to the burnout of their fiery love once and for all?

Bestselling author Amy Andrews's Outback Heat contemporary romance series more than lives up to its title with this second release, Some Girls Don't. This was a second chance love story fifteen years in the making and there was certainly nothing easy about what lead characters Jarrod Weston and Selena Durrum had to overcome in order to finally get their happily-ever-after. Selena has always been ambitious and she didn't allow anything, not even the love of a guy like Jarrod nor the fact that had he asked her, she would have stayed in Jumbuck Springs. Of course, that's why she left without telling him, therefore leaving Jarrod with both a broken heart and a sense of betrayal that lasted a decade and a half. There's nothing wrong with ambition, but there is something terrible about going about it in a cowardly and deceitful way.

I liked Jarrod and the fact that he wasn't the same guy he once was when he and Selena were together. He's harder and less inclined to put his feelings on display, but his love for his siblings and his niece are clear as well as his dedication to his job as a firefighter. On the other hand, I had somewhat of a love-hate thing going with Selena, but I will say that she won me over at the very end with what she said and did. These two were sizzling together (yes, I'm going with heat-related adjectives in this review) and I always have a greater appreciation for a couple's love story when they come to realizations and make sacrifices for each other because no one likes a romance that only benefits one or the other. My heart broke for Jarrod's brother Marcus and I can't wait for him to find happiness in book three. Some Girls Don't gets five stars. ♥

Date Read: 09 October 2015

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