Review: Sinner's Steel by Sarah Castille (Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Zane Colter and Evie Monroe met on a playground when he was ten and she was eight. Together with Jagger Knight, they were a trio of best friends, but there was always something special between Zane and Evie, and when they finally confessed to their feelings, they thought that they would be together forever. But fate and Evie's overprotective father had other plans, and it takes nine years before they cross paths again, only this time their respective lives are far more complicated--Zane is the VP of the Sinner's Tribe MC while Evie is a single mother currently dating the president of a rival MC, the Black Jacks. With nearly a decade of feeling betrayed and abandoned, keeping their distance would be understandable, but the love they shared has never been extinguished and maybe this time, they're prepared to fight for it to the death.

Sinner's Steel is the third novel in bestselling author Sarah Castille's Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club contemporary romance series and has been a release I've been anxiously waiting for since I read that sneak peek at the end of the second book. Zane Colter is the vice president of the Sinner's Tribe MC, has been best friends with club president Jagger Knight since they were kids, and considers his brothers his true family. There was a time that his heart was claimed by Evie Monroe, his first and only love, and someone that he had no choice but to leave when they were teenagers. When they meet again nine years later, a lot has changed, but the connection between the two of them still exists, and it's clear that even with the other partners in bed they've had, no one's ever come close to replacing the other in their hearts. Sappy but true.

The deadly rivalry between the Sinner's Tribe MC and the Black Jacks MC comes back front and center in this third installment, and Evie dating Viper, the Black Jacks MC president, certainly brings quite an interesting complication to the second chance romance between her and Zane. There's a certain naivete when it comes to Evie, especially when it comes to the MC culture, and it's because of that naivete that she ends up making decisions that cause more problems for everyone concerned. She's still in love with Zane and she's drawn to Viper, and maybe she's always had a thing for bad boys, but she's unable to truly grasp what being involved with a member of an MC is about and what it entails. There were times that I grew frustrated with Evie, but she was still a female lead character who was independent and bowed to no one.

Zane may not be the most talkative Sinner around, but there's no denying the guy's love, loyalty, and devotion when it comes to his MC. I loved seeing him translate those same emotions to the family he suddenly finds himself with. Zane and Evie's love story was at the forefront of this third book, but the underlying story line of brotherhood and sacrifice continues to ring true as well. My heart broke at certain point in the book because of what one's actions meant for Zane, Evie, and the rest of the Sinners, but I'm holding out hope as well, what with that revelation that Viper made near the end of the book. This doesn't feel like the end of the series since the situation between the Sinners and Black Jacks is very much up in the air, and there are still some Sinners whose stories I'm hoping will be told. Sinner's Steel receives five stars. ♥

Release Date: 06 October 2015

Date Read: 06 October 2015

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