Review: Shoulder Pads and Flannel (Deep Secrets and Hope #2)

Note: This ebook was provided by Dreamspinner Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Guillermo Garcia is a high school football star who knows how important he is to his team. He speaks his mind and puts others in their place, especially when it comes to his boyfriend Evan Granger. Of course, except for a select few, no one knows Evan's his boyfriend. Heck, his family and almost everyone in school thinks Moe is straight. Only he's not and he isn't ready to share that tidbit with the rest of the world. But when the possibility of his being outed seems to be a reality waiting to happen, Moe will need to decide whether it's time for him to embrace the young man that he is or if he's going to continue to remain silent and let his fears take control of his life and take away his right to make his own decisions away from him.

Shoulder Pads and Flannel is the second book in Jo Ramsey's young adult (YA) Deep Secrets and Hope series. This takes place soon after the events in the first book and is more of Moe Garcia's story and the struggles that he faces as a gay teenager in the closet. Moe is a good guy and it's easy to see why he's having difficulty being honest with others about who he truly is. While his boyfriend Evan Granger underwent verbal and physical abuse from their classmates, Moe's experience proves that bullying comes in many forms and that the ones that don't leave outright bruises can be the ones that hurt more and last longer. His bravery allows him to take back the power from the bullies. Four stars for Shoulder Pads and Flannel. ♥

Date Read: 04 September 2015

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