Review: She: Part One by Annabel Fanning (She #1)

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When interior designer Gemima Samuels agreed to a lunch meeting with construction magnate Logan Leary, little did she know that it would be the beginning of a fairy tale-like love story. But she has no clue that Logan has been biding his time for two years, having noticed here before but not being able to do anything, what with her having a boyfriend then. With Paris as their backdrop, Gemima and Logan fall in love in a matter of hours and realize that what they have is a love destined to surpass both their lifetimes.

She: Part One by Annabel Fanning tells the tale of twenty-seven-year-old Gemima Samuels and thirty-four-year-old Logan Leary, two Americans living and working in Paris, and while it may appear to be a case of insta-love for both, though Logan's began two years prior to their lunch date, the days and nights they spend together make a strong case for this being a romance set by destiny or fate. It's sweet and steamy but there's no doubting that this is the kind of love story that will have you swooning and sighing happily.

Gemima is somewhat of a free spirit who says whatever's in her head and heart, while Logan is more quiet and observant, seeming as if he's more than happy to watch Gemima and enjoys how she reacts to new experiences. Logan is the kind of man you want to spend forever with and when you get to know him here and in the sequel, you can't help but wish really hard that he actually existed. He sets the bar extremely high when it comes to book boyfriends and Logan Leary has joined the ranks of my all-time favorite BBFs.

The story is told well enough, though I do think that the writing would have benefited from some tweaking in terms of editing because of one-time and repeated errors grammar-wise. I also noticed that Gemima and Logan are Americans yet sometimes use colloquialisms that are more British. Overall, though, I did enjoy the actual love story, even if the sex scenes did seem to be overly plentiful, and the eclectic cast of characters kept things interesting even with the lack of conflict. She: Part One gets four out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 30 September 2015

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