Review: Hendrix by MJ Fields & Chelsea Camaron (Caldwell Brothers #1)

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Before their mother passed, Hendrix Caldwell and his two younger brothers--Morrison and Jagger--were given one reminder: to leave a legacy of good in a world filled with bad. It's been a year since then and Hendrix is trying to do as his mother asked, taking ownership of the bar that once belonged to his alcoholic and abusive father and making it something he and his brothers can be proud of. He doesn't have time for much else, but when he's left no choice but to attend a masquerade ball, he shares an unforgettable encounter in a closet with a woman who soon after walks away from him, leaving behind her underwear. Then Olivia Hemmingway shows up at his bar and asks for a job. He's drawn to her, craziness and all, and while he's never been in a relationship, Livi has Hendrix wanting to claim her as his very own.

Hendrix is the first novel in the contemporary romance series from the writing duo of bestselling authors MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron entitled Caldwell Brothers. The series begins with the eldest among the brothers, Hendrix Caldwell, a bar owner who would do anything for his siblings and strives to honor the memory of his mother. His love story with Livi Hemmingway may have begun with an unexpected romp in a janitorial closet, but I loved how it felt a bit like a Cinderella tale with her panties being the one clue to her identity. I'm a fan of statement shirts, so I quite appreciated the whole statement panties thing going on with Livi because sometimes, we need our clothing to speak for us. They're also a source of strength for her, after having experienced sexual abuse as a teenager and still feeling the fear brought on by memories.

The romance itself is well-paced and I appreciated being able to experience the development of Hendrix and Livi's relationship along with them instead of this being a case of insta-love. I wouldn't call theirs "insta-lust" either even though they did have sex the night they first meet, but when they meet again, it's a while before there's anything close to that happening. I love how Hendrix may be somewhat of a broody bad boy but truly has a huge heart for Livi and his brothers. The relationship he has with his siblings is another plus to the story, though I admit that there were times that Jagger's supposedly joking commentary on sex and Livi did not have the desired effect on me. All in all, this was a good start to the series and I'm looking forward to reading Morrison's and Jagger's stories. I'm giving Hendrix four stars. ♥

Date Read: 13 October 2015

Learn more about MJ Fields here and Chelsea Camaron here.

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