Review: Cape Cod Promises by Bella Andre & Melissa Foster (Love on Rockwell Island #2)

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It's been a decade since Trent Rockwell and Reese Nicholson fell in love one summer and got married on Rockwell Island only to see it all come to an end with a Dear Trent note left behind in their New York apartment six months later. Since then, their paths have crossed, but it isn't until Trent is called back by his grandfather to work with his siblings to take over Rockwell Resort that they're forced to live with the fact that they now live in closer proximity to one another. Seeing each other makes it clear that the vow they once made continues to ring true--to love one another forever. But Reese isn't sure if she's ready to put her heart on the line yet again, not when she still thinks of Trent as the overworked lawyer he was when they were in New York. It's up to Trent to show Reese that he's the man that she deserves to be with.

Cape Cod Promises is the second book in the Love on Rockwell Island contemporary romance series penned by the bestselling writing duo of Bella Andre and Melissa Foster. There were hints in the first book as to what happened to Trent Rockwell and Reese Nicholson and now we finally get their love story, both when she was just nineteen and he was twenty-six, and ten years later, after a heartbreaking separation and divorce. After their marriage ended, both Trent and Reese went on to live successful professional careers--Trent as a lawyer who now has his own legal practice and Reese as an artist who showcases her work in her own gallery--and they did go out with other people, but while they may not have been outwardly pining for each other, it's clear that they were each other's forever love, even after the divorce.

Reese was an independent woman who clearly learned to safeguard her heart after she left Trent. She was more careful about the decisions she was making, even when she knew for a fact that she never fell out of love with her ex-husband. I liked that she wasn't lying about how she felt or that she was trying to rationalize it constantly, but that she simply wanted to think things through so as not to run the risk of getting her heart broken by the same person yet again. When she fully embraced her feelings for Trent, she was still her own person and didn't need any sort of validation from him, something that he wasn't offering her because he knew that she was capable of standing on her own two feet. These two had a beautiful relationship, one that was borne out of a decade of growing up and learning some harsh lessons.

Second chance romances are bittersweet because they fall in love for the first time, separate for a period of time, and then rekindle the romance once again. There's a song that has a line about having the right love at the wrong time, and that's what rings true for Trent and Reese. They were young when they got married, especially Reese who had yet to experience life away from Rockwell Island and was only nineteen. One of my favorite things about their love story was the realizations they came away with when they were truly looked at their time together with honesty, especially in the case of Reese. It takes two to make a relationship work, and it takes two for it not to, in my opinion. While it took a decade for them to reunite, they proved that love really is sweeter the second time around. Cape Cod Promises gets five stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 October 2015

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