Review: Cape Cod Kisses by Bella Andre & Melissa Foster (Love on Rockwell Island #1)

Quinn Rockwell is the epitome of a workaholic, barely having any time for a personal life, what more time to return to Rockwell Island, the island he grew up on and generations of Rockwells before him. He's in the middle of an important merger but he finds himself making decisions through his mobile phone because his grandfather has summoned him and his siblings to discuss the future of the family-owned Rockwell Resort. Then he's suddenly distracted from all things family- and business-related when he comes across a gorgeous woman skinny-dipping in his favorite cove. Shelley Walters tempts him like no other, and the time they spend together solidifies his first impression that she's an extraordinary woman. With Quinn too used to putting his work first, will he be able to make time for the woman he's fallen for?

Cape Cod Kisses is the first book in the co-authored Love in Rockwell Island series from bestselling authors Bella Andre and Melissa Foster. The series is about five siblings--Trent, Quinn, Derek, Sierra, and Ethan--who are instructed by their aging grandfather to come together and finally become involved in the Rockwell Resort. The siblings are close with one another as well as with their parents, but they do lead their own lives, brought up to not have to feel pressured to give in to the demands of their Rockwell legacy. A core part of the books is the familial relationships the main characters have, because while they're own immediate family is close-knit, there are issues with their grandfather, the family patriarch. How they and their grandfather try to mend their relationships is equally as interesting as each romance.

This series starter has the second eldest sibling, thirty-four-year-old shipping magnate Quinn Rockwell, quickly developing feelings for twenty-seven-year-old coffee shop owner and reluctant heiress Rochelle Walters. I wouldn't classify their romance as a case of insta-love, though they do begin stirrings early on. Having been on vacation to my share of islands ('tis one of the best things about living in a country that has more than seven thousand to choose from), there's something idyllic about the setting that does make falling in love in matter of days quite plausible. It's almost as if everyday distractions don't exist when you're on an island, like Quinn and Shelley were. I liked that this wasn't a case of the rich guy and the poor girl, though Shelley was more of a poor little rich girl, and that money was never an issue with these two.

But even with the simplicity and beauty of Rockwell Island surrounding them, they did have their respective issues--his tendency to make his work number one and her feelings of abandonment growing up--that they needed to overcome. Even with Quinn being required by his grandfather to spend most of his time on the island didn't seem to be enough because what would be the point if he was still going to be constantly thinking about work even if he was miles away from the office? Speaking of Quinn's grandfather, it's clear that his decision to call on his grandchildren together was brought on by his health concerns and that there's more to his actions than them simply being about business. I'm looking forward to seeing how he fares as the series progresses. Cape Cod Kisses was a fun series starter and gets five stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 September 2015

Learn more about Bella Andre here and Melissa Foster here.

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