Review: Accidentally Hers by Jamie Beck (Sterling Canyon #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Montlake Romance via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

With the need for his new company specializing in skiing excursions and other outdoor activities to be a success, Grey Lowell, doesn't have time for an actual personal life, especially since he has yet to meet a woman that makes him feel the way his late girlfriend did. Then a car crashes into him, sending Grey to the hospital with injuries that force him to be sidelined for more months than he can afford to spend being inactive. His best hope for recovery is with the highly recommended physical therapist who captured his attention from the moment their eyes met. However, there are complications that make it difficult to pursue anything relationship-wise with her--the doctor-patient connection for one, and the fact that Avery Randall just happens to be the sister of the guy who struck Grey with his car and threw his life into chaos.

Accidentally Hers is the first book in the Sterling Canyon series from Jamie Beck and is about a ski instructor and adventure company owner named Grey Lowell and a physical therapist named Avery Randall. There are certain conflicts of interest that should have prevented these two from actually wanting to pursue a relationship with one another, but the temptation to cross the line appeared to be far too great for either of them to really fully consider the ramifications of their behavior. She's his doctor, he's her patient. She's also the sister of Andy Randall, the man who was driving drunk when he hit Grey with his car. Naturally, Grey being out of commission has him all stressed out and the best way to recoup his medical expenses is to file a civil suit against Andy, which, of course, will affect Avery, the girl Grey likes.

I'm going to come right out and say it: I did not like Avery. For someone that Grey believed was intelligent, she lacked common sense and wanted her cake and eat it too. Yes, she understood where Grey was coming from in terms of a potential lawsuit, but you can't serve two masters and this woman was torn between her loyalty to her one and only brother, who she acknowledged was responsible for what happened to Grey, and her feelings for Grey, who was desperately trying to do the right thing all the time, even if it was going to cost him temporary financial security. I'm torn between calling Grey a romantic gentleman with a kind heart and a dewy-eyed sap. Maybe he's just really too nice of a guy, but even his best friend had his eyes open the entire time and knew that Grey was in over his head when it came to Avery and risked too much.

To be honest, I didn't really like the ending all that much because I felt as if Avery didn't really learn anything from the whole fiasco. I think that Grey gave up way more than Avery did, and he was the actual victim here while Avery acted as if she were the one suffering the most. Clearly, my less than pleasant feelings for Avery are going to affect my overall rating because I do want to have a connection with at least one of the lead characters and when I have no respect or affection for them whatsoever, I'm not inclined to give a book a five-star rating, no matter how original or creative a story is. I am curious about the supporting characters in this book, especially Grey's best friend and Avery's brother, so I've still got my eye on the series. The writing was good, some characters not so much. Accidentally Hers gets three stars. ♥

Release Date: 06 October 2015

Date Read: 07 October 2015

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