Review: Let Me In by Luna David (The Boys Club #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Vibrant Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Liam clasped one of his hands and placed it over his heart making Cash's breath catch. “I gave you this, probably before I even met you, and when I ran, I left it here with you. I love you, Cash. And regardless of what happened, I trust you. I trust us.”

Let me just say that books that involve kink aren't an automatic go-to for me, mainly because majority of the ones that I have read tended to be more about the sex than anything else. But along comes this new-to-me author and I can't help but ask: Luna David, where have you been all my life?! Her latest release, Let Me In, which is the first in her The Boys Club series, is my introduction to her writing, and I'm cautiously optimistic in saying that it bodes extremely well, not only for what may await as the series progresses but also what I may have missed in her previous series. The series is about Daddy kink, which basically entails the older man in a relationship to take on a father role and the much younger partner, in this case also a male, becomes his "boy". What makes this series starter a standout--and what I hope will continue with the books to come--is that it isn't just about the sex between the "Daddy" and the "boy" that's involved. It delved into the actual relationship that evolves between the main characters, as well as tackles the family issues that the "boy" has been saddled with.

The story is about Liam Cavanagh, a twenty-year-old who's been responsible for his younger sister and alcoholic mother since he was fifteen. He's always put his family first, so even when an opportunity for him to explore his sexuality and delve into a lifestyle that he knows is meant for him, he's hesitant. But the guy named Tommy has him intrigued when he insists that Liam is the perfect fit for Tommy's "Daddy", forty-year-old Cash Moreau. With the blessing of his sister, Liam decides to go for it, but even as Tommy helps prepare him for life as Cash's "boy", Liam worries that Cash will reject him. Moving from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts isn't just a matter of bringing a bag filled with his clothes and possessions. Liam is leaving behind the life he shared with his sister and mother in order to take a chance on being with the Daddy of his dreams. But even when Cash gets over the shock of opening his door to a young guy declaring himself Cash's "boy", he hesitates to opening his heart to let Liam in and be his boy and his boy alone, and for Cash to become the Daddy his Liam deserves.

This novel absolutely caught me unaware as to what awaited me between the covers. I kid you not when I confess that I had tears in my eyes at more than one point in the story. This was so much more than about the Daddy/boy lifestyle. Yes, there is a fair amount of sex in the book, and most of it is the kind of kinky sex that you would expect, but there was more to Cash and Liam than the sex they shared. I loved that I didn't have a set map as to the direction their story would head to. I simply found myself wholeheartedly putting myself into what proved to be Luna David's very able hands as I went alongside Cash and Liam on their journey to love, trust, and acceptance. As much as this was a love story between a Daddy and his boy, it was also about family and the ravages of addiction on those that should matter most. This was also the first in a series, and we meet quite a few striking supporting characters whose stories I hope are set to follow. Suffice it to say, book one has set the bar high, and I can't wait to see the next book either meet or surpass it. Five-plus stars go to Let Me In. ♥

Date Read: 12 April 2018

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