Review: Awk-Weird by Avery Flynn (Ice Knights #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by Entangled Publishing.

Awk-Weird is the second novel in Avery Flynn's Ice Knights hockey romance series from Entangled Publishing's Amara line. Florist Tess Gardner has a pretty good life--she has her own business, she has a wonderful group of friends, and she's ready to share that good life of hers with a kitten who could win the title for cutest fur baby ever. However, she isn't exactly doing as well when it comes to the dating part of said life, not when she's more awk-weird than a-dork-able and guys not really seeing as her someone with girlfriend potential, though at this point, she'd probably settle for a hook-up worth writing home about--not that she'd actually do that...the writing, not the hooking up. So when she catches the eye of professional hockey player Cole Phillips during her best friend's wedding rehearsal dinner and they end up sleeping together, it proves to be far more life-changing than she could have ever imagined. After all, finding out you're pregnant by a gorgeous guy you'd never thought you'd see again may be shocking but having to tell him and figure out what needs to happen next is absolutely awkward and weird.

Just like with the first Ice Knights book, Parental Guidance, Awk-Weird was an equally fun read, with lighthearted moments that triggered laughs and the sweeter ones that had me grinning like an idiot. Indeed, this book was awk-weird in the best ways possible. When I'm told I'm weird, I usually give a head tilt, smile, and say that that's just another word for extraordinary, because hello, no one said that "weird" needs to be given a negative connotation if we don't want to. I liked Tess and Cole as a couple, with Cole showing Tess that what they have is the sort of love that can transcend even her greatest of fears and insecurities. Does that mean that Cole was perfect? No, and I actually prefer him--and the heroes that I encounter in the romance reads I invest my time in--that way. He had his own issues that needed his attention, and having Tess in his life and the changes her pregnancy would bring gave him a sense of peace and balance. These two were easy to like and their wonderfully awk-weird ways made them even more endearing and memorable. This second Ice Knights book gets four stars and I can't wait for book three. ♥

Date Read: 14 October 2019

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