Review: Out in the Field by Lane Hayes (Out in College #4)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design.

I love how the Out in College series is giving my current favorite Lane Hayes series, Leaning Into, a run for its money. I've read all of this author's work, and still, I can't get enough of the stories she pens. Her latest book is the fourth in her Out in College new adult (NA) sports romance series, and Out in the Field is definitely up to snuff when compared to the first three books. You can read all four books as standalones; however, there are recurring characters, and I've always been one to advise fellow readers to check out a series in order of release, unless otherwise recommended by the author, meaning they have their own reading order to prescribe to their readers.

From water polo in the first book to football in the second and third ones, we now move on to baseball. Max Maldonado was a side character in the previous book, being Christian Rafferty's best friend, roommate, AND ex-boyfriend. Still very much in the closet, Max has only had two serious relationships, but while the first one ended amicably, the second not so much. When Max finds out that film student and theater geek Phoenix Bell--the same Phoenix Bell that he shared a hot make-out session with months ago--he's excited, doubly so when Phoenix proposes they become "booty call buddies". After all, neither of them is looking for commitment, not with Max still in the closet and Phoenix in it for the sex. Baseball has always come first for Max, but Phoenix is his game changer.

One of my favorite things about this book was how Max and Phoenix were so different, yet it was those differences that made them perfect for each other. Max was the athlete and Phoenix was the actor, neither one having much of an interest or even knowledge about the other's preferred field. However, these two were open to getting to know each other, and in the process of them becoming both lovers and friends, I couldn't help but fall in love with their personalities as well. Max has never fully embraced his sexuality for fear of the consequences he's attached to them, so I loved seeing him be more comfortable in his own skin and I'm sure Phoenix was an inspiration, as were Christian and his boyfriend, Rory Kirkland. I thoroughly enjoyed Out in the Field, which I'm giving five stars to, and can't help but wonder who could be next in the series, although there looks to be a potential couple already! ♥


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Date Read: 12 July 2019

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