Review: Debauchery by Remy Blake (King University #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.

A professor-student love story with a ten-year age difference between the main characters but flipped around the usual (i.e. older woman-younger woman)? Yes, please! Remy Blake--the pseudonym used by authors Jacob Chance and Marley Valentine--pens the third and final novel in the multi-authored King University series. All three of the books feature what's considered a taboo sort of relationship: that of a teacher and their student, with all six main characters either teaching or enrolled at King University, and while the students aren't connected, it's the professors--Miles Decker (Depravity by Jacob Chance), Cole Huxley (Devilry by Marley Valentine), and Harper Martinez (Debauchery by Remy Blake)--who form a firm circle of friendship and support system among themselves.

Book three is all about thirty-two-year-old Harper Martinez who makes the move from her hometown of San Diego, California to Georgetown, Washington, D.C. after she discovers the devastating betrayal of the man she thought she'd spend the rest of her life with. The position of Languages Department Head at King University is a prestigious one, but it's the paycheck that she needs more than anything else. What she doesn't need, however, is the flirtatious behavior of one of her students. Connor McAdam is a senior and has plans of going on to law school, but with his father breathing down his neck, he can't afford to get a failing score on a test in his Spanish class. He also can't afford to become distracted by his professor, but when the attraction between them is clearly mutual, Connor takes his shot. The ten-year age gap and risk to her job should dissuade them, but it's just sex, anyway, and purely temporary. But then neither one of them expected to develop feelings and those can lead to complications.

I loved this final addition to the King University series! Nothing between Harper and Connor felt rushed, making it possible to have the sexual tension between build to a point where neither one was able to deny themselves what they wanted most. Yes, it was all about lust in the beginning that morphs into far more later on, as is the case throughout the series between these professors and their students, but each story is different, and that was something I appreciated because no one really wants to read recycled fare in every single book in a series. I had no clue which parts were written by which of the two authors that make up Remy Blake since I couldn't tell where one starts and the other ends, and that's what makes this writing partnership as effective as it is. The pace of the story was consistent, my interest never waned, and I was left undeniably satisfied by the end of Debauchery. Five stars. ♥


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Release Date: 05 July 2019

Date Read: 05 July 2019

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