Review: Requiem & Reverie by Keri Lake (The Sandman #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

As she circles and grinds against me, tears streaming down her cheeks, I realize she's searching for something. Searching for the piece of me I've kept hidden, for fear of this moment. 
The day when I'll finally bleed myself for a woman. Not just any woman. 
She is poetry and madness wrapped in fire. An unreachable paradise for a soulless bastard like me.

Mindfuckery at its finest! I'm addicted to Keri Lake's writing, and this duet of hers is absolute perfection. I love my romances, but it takes a special sort of connection for me to truly fall for a romantic suspense read, and time and again, Lake obliterates whatever bar's been set by her previous work. At the end of Nocturnes & Nightmares, she had me counting the days till I had my eager beaver hands on the conclusion to all things The Sandman but even I couldn't have anticipated how all of that turned out. Yes, I had guessed who the villain was from the moment they were introduced in the first book, but I had no idea that everything would play out the way it did and here I am, wanting more from Lake--and kudos to her for the two-fer of bonus epilogues that she has all free for her readers.

When last we saw Rhett Voss and Nola Tensley, it was obvious just how attached the two had become to each other, but neither one could have prepared for all the tendrils that actually tied them together. The Sandman is watchful and they're waiting for the perfect time to reveal themselves. When Nola uncovers certain secrets, she's at a loss as to whether she should trust the man she's falling for and hold on to him as tightly as she can or if she needs to run as far as she possibly can with her son, Oliver, in tow. Whether intentional or not, the discord and distrust between Voss and Nola could be exactly what The Sandman is waiting for and when they finally make their move, will Voss and Nola realize they're stronger together before the nightmare they're stuck in overtakes them?

This book? It gave me the chills--like full-on goosebumps on my arms and a shiver going down my back by the time I had gotten to the end. Who do I have to talk to in order to get this duet made into a movie, because I had all this imagery running in my head as I was reading both books. There were things I saw coming, but there were far more things that had me struck dumb. Keri Lake kept me on my toes throughout, and you know how Metallica's "Enter Sandman" has a verse that goes "Exit, light, enter, night; take my hand, we're off to never-never land"? I'm highly encouraging you to take this author's proverbial hand and let her lead you to a tale that's cleverly diabolical and undoubtedly one of the best reads you'll encounter in recent years. Requiem & Reverie is a five-plus-star standout. ♥


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Release Date: 13 May 2019

Date Read: 10 May 2019

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