Review: True North by Liora Blake (True #1)

"But I wanted to give you everything. I wanted to make sure I got under your skin, because I wanted you to be as deep into me as I was into you." 
Blinking, I hold my eyes closed for a moment. Then I reach over and thread my fingers through his. 
"I think everybody got what they wanted, then, Jenkins."

What happens when a small-town bestselling novelist from Crowell, Montana forms a connection with the bad boy of the music world who was grew up in the ghetto section of Cleveland, Ohio? That's exactly what Kate Moseley and Trevor "Trax" Jenkins try to make sense of as they navigate the world of celebrity, long distance relationships, and pasts that continue to shadow them. Theirs is an attraction that may not have made sense but from the time they first meet backstage at a late night talk show, there's a chemistry that neither of them expected and are dealing with differently. Kate has already been in love once before, marrying the man she thought she would spend a lifetime with, only to lose him in a car accident where she was the driver. Now she needs to decide if she's ready for everything falling in love with a rock star entails.

I do believe I have found myself a new series to add to my list of favorites, both all-time and for 2015, because by the time I write the reviews, I'll have finished all three books in Liora Blake's True trilogy and squeed my way through each one of them. The series starter that is True North set the pace for everything that was to follow and believe me when I tell you that I was grinning like a lovesick fool for a good portion of the story but also felt my heart squeezing with sympathy when the love between rock star Trevor Jenkins and novelist Kate Mosely was tested. This isn't the first contemporary rock star romance I've read this year, but I so loved how this one made me feel a myriad of emotions and reminded me that love, while not always easy or simple, is worth all the trials and tribulations that you face as long as you do it together.

Trevor was such an enigma as a romantic lead and I think it had a lot to do with his persona as Trax, one that was borne of the difficult life he, his siblings, and his mother had before he broke into the music scene and became one of its biggest stars. Merging Trax with who Trevor is now, after a decade of experiencing everything being a bona fide celebrity has to offer, is a transition in the making but when he meets Kate, he discovers a greater reason for him to move forward and put his life in order. Trevor had his romantic moments but they were so uniquely him and I loved how he was so all in when it came to his relationship with Kate. His relationships with his mom, his sister, and his late brother's young daughter made him all the more endearing, but it's difficult to resist a guy who loves his dog and Dax heightened Trevor's appeal.

I'm always looking for what sets a love story apart from all the others that share the same trope and the journey that Trevor and Kate had to deal with as a couple and the struggles that Kate overcame, beginning and coming full circle with the untimely passing of her husband James Stark, made this book different in all the best ways possible. Readers are also introduced to supporting characters that will have you begging to have their stories ready and waiting once you're done with this first book and that's exactly what happened to me. Nothing is as satisfying as reading a book that not only entertains you and is not only written well but also touches you with a tale of true love overcoming our fears and insecurities and a cast of fab characters that stay with you way past the time you reach "The End". Five-plus stars for True North. ♥

Date Read: 19 October 2015

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