Review: Bulletproof by Samatha Harris

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Lip Services PR.

Samatha Harris first caught my attention after reading Whole Lotta Frogs, which I followed up a few months later with Unimaginable Kindness. These were two very different books, and that signaled to me that Harris was someone who wasn't afraid of pushing her boundaries, and that to me, is always a great quality for an author to have. Bulletproof is my third read from Harris and, just like the two previous reads, this newest release from her is different, what with's more romantic suspense feel. It's the story of two people dealing with familial demands and expectations and how they've somehow lost sight of who they are but may find something new with one another.

With the weight of expectation bearing down on him, Jake Maxwell leaves Manhattan for some time to get his head on straight and heads to the home his beloved grandmother left him. When he heads to a local watering hole for some much needed alcohol, he meets Ashlynn Hicks, the drink-slinging and sass-dishing bartender of Rock Bottom Bar and Grill. There's something about Ashlynn that immediately draws Jake in, and she certainly makes her mark on him--literal and otherwise--during that first meeting. Ashlynn, however, has no time for the hot chef from the city. She has too many responsibilities to deal with. But the connection that they share is far too potent for either of them to resist. When the two are caught in the cross-hairs of an individual driven by one of the most basic motivations ever (and no, I'm so not telling you what it is!), will it be too late for them to survive unscathed?

I quite liked the suspense element of this book, with Samatha Harris doing a good job bringing in tension into the story. As far as who it was wanting to harm our main characters, I pretty much figured that out early on, although I still appreciated how everything was revealed and resolved, particularly that ending which I seriously loved because it felt true to the character whose point of view it was told from. Yeah, yeah. I know I'm being all mysterious, but I don't want to reveal anything spoiler-like, especially because this is a romantic suspense read and no one wants to wreak it for anyone. I applaud the author for not wanting to limit herself genre-wise, and she continues to entertain me with this well-written tale and two intriguing main characters. Four stars for Bulletproof. ♥

Date Read: 01 February 2020

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