Review: Better Than Beginnings by Lane Hayes (Better Than #5)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design.

You know how, as a romance reader, you come across certain couples (or throuples even!) that you wish you could keep reading about even after they get their happily-ever-afters? Well, Matt Sullivan and Aaron Mendez just happens to be one of those couples for me, not that it should be that much a surprise considering Lane Hayes has a gift for creating twosomes that stay with you long after you've closed the book and moved on to a new read. Matt and Aaron were introduced via Hayes's debut release and Better Than series, Better Than Good, and the author has offered up free short stories through her newsletter and website that follow the two past their original happy ending. Hayes has gathered those stories together for easier perusal purposes and Better Than Beginnings shows that "The End" doesn't necessarily mean that this author was finished whipping up tales to tell about them.

This collection consists of nine short stories--Better Than Graduation, Better Than Meeting the Family, Better Than Candy, Better Than Pride, Better Than Birthday, Better Than a Christmas Tree, Better Than Engagement, Better Than Wedding, Better Than Beginnings--and each one highlights the fact that real life happens after "and they lived happily ever after". These stories are milestones in the lives of Matt and Aaron and reminds us that it isn't always smooth sailing, but when a couple is as devoted and committed as these two, you know that they're in it for the long haul and are willing to keep fighting for and living that happily-ever-after of theirs. If you've never read Matt and Aaron's story, I'm going to highly suggest that you hop right to it, especially with Better Than Good being on sale for a mere 99 cents! Afterwards, read Better Than Beginnings because you won't want to miss out. Five stars! ♥

Date Read: 01 February 2020

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