Book Spotlight: The Good Mistake by Haleigh Lovell

The Good Mistake
(Hemsworth Brothers #3)
by Haleigh Lovell
Date Released: May 13, 2019

About The Good Mistake
We don’t make mistakes, right? Just happy little accidents. At least that’s what Bob Ross said. And my dad. Yep, he says that, too. Every year, on my birthday, he reminds me I’m a ‘happy little accident’ because the condom broke.

But, hey! Wasn’t the creation of penicillin a happy accident that resulted from the discovery of mold growing in an agar dish?

 And while that accidental discovery changed the course of medicine, Lucy changed the course of my life. Like a staph infection that somehow turns into an abscess that takes over your limbs, Lucy took over my heart—quickly, painfully, unexpectedly, but treatable with antibiotics.

Bold and brash and unapologetically herself, Lucy represents anarchy from women I typically dated.

She is my ‘Beautiful Oops.’

Lucy Lawless is my good mistake. 

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About Haleigh Lovell
Haleigh Lovell is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of several New Adult Romance novels. Haleigh studied Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Despite training as a journalist, Haleigh found she enjoyed making up her own stories . . . stories with humor, heat, and heart.

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