Review: A Pizza My Heart by Teagan Hunter (Slice #1)

“How can you be so certain?” 
Without warning, he spins me toward him, piercing me with his intense stare. He lifts my hand to his chest, fanning my fingers out over his heart. 
“Because you and I, Wren—we're bound to happen. Whether you want it or not, you have a piece of my heart, and I don't want it back.”

This book has...wait for it...a pizza my heart! Come on! There's no way I'm the only who said that or something to that effect in their review for Teagan Hunter's newest novel, A Pizza My Heart, which is the first in her Slice series. This romantic comedy read may have a guy who's best friends with the girl's brother, but don't expect this to have all drawn-out angst that other stories that share the trope do, and thank goodness for that! Foster Marlett has been friends with fraternal twins Winston and Wren Daniels since they had all moved to the same town within two weeks of each other when they were all thirteen. Winston has always been his best friend, but Foster shared his own special friendship with Wren--the girl he calls Birdie. He may have not have been in love with her for as long as he's known her, but once he did, keeping his feelings a secret was not easy. Confessing them may have been a good idea, but then no one told him he'd get his heart crushed by her rejection. His only option was to leave, but now he's back. Getting Wren to forgive him for leaving is one thing; winning her heart is a whole 'nother matter. Wren may have seen Foster like a brother, but anything more? There's no way, no matter how you slice it. Right?

I wish I'd had pizza on hand while reading this book because while it may have provided laughs and swoony moments, all that talk about pizza and chicken fingers had me hungry (and a potential pairing had me hungry for an enemies-to-lovers read). If you've read Teagan Hunter's previous series, you know this author does rom-com and she does it oh-so-well. Her main characters have the sort of banter and chemistry that makes you root for them while also wishing they were real people you'd love to be friends with. Foster and Wren were the closest of friends, and it was a friendship that was partly connected to Foster's friendship and Wren's relationship with Winston while also partly independent of all that. I loved that Hunter stayed true to her vision for the story and didn't go the usual path that other books tend to meander along. You'd think that an angst addict like me would be disappointed by the lack of drama here, but nope! Books like this are good for my soul because my heart needs to heal from the heavier stories that tend to batter it. Hunter's writing has always put a smile on my face, and A Pizza My Heart is just the latest in her arsenal to do it. I adored Foster and Wren and I know you will too! Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 20 June 2019

Date Read: 20 June 2019

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