Review: My Other Half by S. Michelle

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via LesCourt ARC Team.

My Other Half is the debut release from S. Michelle, and it involves the forbidden relationship between twin brothers. Novella in length, the taboo element here is one many like to call "twincest". I have no qualms reading stories with a taboo nature; after all, one of my favorite books of all-time is Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. But the only thing that these two books share is that the main characters who fall in love with each other are siblings. This review and the rating, however, are based solely on my experience with and the merits of this S. Michelle book, and not in comparison with the Suzuma novel or any other story that involves this sort of forbidden relationship.

Thomas and Gabriel Carrington are twin brothers who are as close as any two siblings can get, but they also share that added element of being identical twins. They're each other's closest friend, sharing anything and everything under the sun. But eighteen months ago, things between Tom and Gabe irrevocably changed. Gabe distanced himself from Tom and even when they were in the same place at the same time, that bond they used to share appeared to no longer be existent. Gabe has his reasons for not wanting to be near his brother, but these reasons are ones he refuses to divulge to anyone, especially Gabe. What will it take for them to reconcile, and will learning Gabe's secrets lead Tom to run as far away as possible from his twin or will he want to be closer to his other half?

I have no issues whatsoever with as far as the subject matter of this book is concerned. After all, this isn't my first taboo romance read, even one with a familial aspect to it. What led me to giving this book the rating that I'm giving it is that there was a great deal of "telling" on the author's part, wherein, I felt as if a story was being relayed to me detail by detail rather than "showing" me what was happening to, between, and around the twins. The story is also exclusively told from the point-of-view of Tom, and because of the way the story ran, I would have appreciated seeing things from Gabe's perspective as well. I wasn't a fan of the "my angel" thing either nor did I like all the crying and apologizing. What I did like was the realistic route taking when friends found out about the twins's secret, as well as what I consider to be a very apt epilogue to Tom and Gabe's story. Three stars for My Other Half. ♥

Date Read: 28 June 2019

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