Review: Paid in Full by Chelsea Camaron (Devil's Due MC #5)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

We're getting THIS close to the end of the Devil's Due MC series with the release of the fifth book--sixth release overall, not counting the bonus short story, Serving My Soldier, which I have yet to read--entitled Paid in Full. This is thirty-nine-year-old Gentry "Deacon" Hawkins's story, one he shares with thirty-six-year-old Tempest Adams. Gentry is a former Navy SEAL whose last mission led to the deaths of some of those on his team as well as those of civilians. His actions continue to haunt him, believing that he hadn't done enough to prevent unnecessary deaths. Being a part of the nomad motorcycle club that is Devil's Due has provided him with some sense of purpose and the five men he rides with have truly become his family. But it's Tempest that he wishes he could have a home with, the advocate for women and children who shocks him when her having a teenage daughter, Arika, is revealed. Tempest is a woman who values her independence and is fiercely protective of her child, but when someone from the past comes after them, will she finally ask Gentry and Devil's Due for the help they can provide?

The six men who make up this unique MC find love while seeking retribution, but each one has their own back story. Gentry aka Deacon is basically a good man who's time as a Navy SEAL is marred by the deaths of his own men as well as the lengths the then-enemy will go to in order to wreak havoc. His past is, unsurprisingly, connected to the events that will force him and Tempest to either work together or force them apart. I liked the story for the most part, though I did find it weirdly funny that Arika, who is fifteen and is pretty much living a somewhat sheltered life as the only child of Tempest, speaks like she's part of an MC (if you've read enough of these MC romance books, you'll get what I mean). Gentry was a good guy with good intentions, though the guy clearly needs to learn a thing or two about boundaries when it comes to a mother and her child. We get bits of the other Devil's Due guys, but none more so than Trapper, whose story is FINALLY up next. I've got REALLY high expectations for that series ender, especially since all his secrets will be coming to light. I'm giving Paid in Full four out of five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 28 October 2017

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