Review: The Bed Mate by Kendall Ryan (Roommates #3.5)

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"What do you want, Maggie?" 
"You, Sam. Always you."

The Bed Mate is a novella in Kendall Ryan's friends-to-lovers series, Roommates, and is the fifth and, I'm guessing, final addition to it. I'm happy to say that if this is, indeed, the end of a series I've enjoyed quite a bit, then it definitely ended on a high note! I couldn't wipe the silly smile on my face while reading this book, and it's easily my favorite one in the series, knocking series starter The Room Mate to second, albeit a very close second. It's part of the 1001 Dark Nights collection, and so far, I've yet to be disappointed with any novellas that they have published.

Sam and Maggie met in Spanish class while in college and they simply clicked. Best friends now for eight years, the two have an easygoing friendship. What Maggie doesn't know, however, is that Sam knew she was "the one" for him all those years ago. However, her relationship with her boyfriend--the guy who's still her boyfriend--had just started and Sam wasn't the type to poach. When Maggie discovers her boyfriend's cheating ways, it's Sam who offers her solace, but if he were to proffer something more, will Maggie risk their friendship for a shot at true love?

Gah! I adored Sam and Maggie, and even though it took a bit longer for Maggie to be clued in to the fact that her best friend has been in love with her for eight years, these two were flat-out made for each other. Even with all the razzing he got from his two other close friends, I loved how defended his choice to remain Maggie's friend and not pursue anything while she was still with someone even though his friends knew just how much he loved her. The fact that they had an honest-to-goodness friendship was one of the things I loved most about their feel-good story.

There wasn't a whole lot of drama with these two, which I can very much appreciate. At it's very core, this novella was about friendship and love, and if the risk of losing one was worth it in order to have the other. However, in the case of Sam and Maggie, what they shared was the real thing, and who said they couldn't have both, right? Kendall Ryan may have very well saved the best Roommates story for last, and I enjoyed every single tale of how friends became so much more five times over. The Bed Mate was short, sweet, sexy, and oh-so-satisfying. Five-plus stars. ♥


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Release Date: 14 November 2017

Date Read: 10 November 2017

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