Review: Close the Tab by Chelsea Camaron (Devil's Due MC #3)

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The Devil's Due MC series is back in full force and the latest nomad to share his story is Bladen Jones, nicknamed Judge. At eighteen, he and his best friend, Tamalyn Andrews, who also happened to be the only girl he's ever loved, left behind the abuse and chaos of their respective homes. He had a plan, with the end goal being making sure Tamalyn was safe and sound. But he's learned that she's no longer in the place where he left her. More than eight years later, Bladen decides it's time for him to do what he should have done back then--lay claim over Tamalyn and make sure she had no reason to run any longer. As the boy he was, he believed he was doing right by her by leading them in a direction away from her; as the man he is now, Bladen isn't just headed towards Tamalyn. With his brothers by his side, he isn't judge but jury and executioner too, because it's time to pay the devil his due.

Chelsea Camaron has written several romance series that feature motorcycle clubs before, but this particular series of hers is different. Yes, the Devil's Due is about brotherhood and loyalty, but it's quite small compared to more established clubs--just six members--and they all consider themselves nomads, having no clubhouse or particular chapter that they call their own. As the series has progressed, I find myself becoming more engrossed with these six men--Dover Ragnes, Owen Gallow, Bladen Jones, Jackson Presley, Gentry Hawkins, and Mitchell Gates, aka Collector, X, Judge, Rowdy, Deacon, and Trapper--though I confess that there's one particular that's piqued my curiosity more than the other five, especially with the author continually teasing us with those snippets at the end of each Devil's Due MC book. If you're familiar with the series, you'll know who and what I'm talking about. *wink*

Bladen and Tamalyn's story is a second chance romance of sorts, though they weren't necessarily erstwhile lovers before they separated almost nine years prior. These two came from abusive households and some of that abuse is mentioned in the book, so those could be considered triggers for some. Bladen's confrontation with their past unraveled in a way I wasn't expecting, and I wasn't sure entirely sure if I was happy by the turnout or not. After giving it some thought, I liked that Camaron chose to go in a different direction because I think the end result would have remained the same anyway. There's a certain sweetness to Bladen that's different from what I saw in Dover and Owen, but then each of these men are proving to be their own man while still united in brotherhood within their club. I'm giving Close the Tab 4.5 stars, and I'm looking forward to reading Jackson Presley's story next. ♥


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Date Read: 02 June 2017

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