Review: I'd Rather Not by Lani Lynn Vale (KPD Motorcycle Patrol #3)

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“I love when you smile at me. I love when you throw yourself in my arms, knowing without a single doubt in your mind that I'll catch you. I love that you talk to me like I'm your closest confidant and your best friend. I love that you called your dad to talk about us and not your mom. I love that you love me.”

Ah, Lani Lynn Vale's books never fail to hit the spot when it comes to satisfying romance reads. The romance is a given but her brand of humor and dash of suspense are uniquely her own, making for highly entertaining reading for however long it may take you to peruse her books. With her third KPD Motorcycle Patrol novel, I'd Rather Not, Vale gives readers the story of a military veteran turned police officer who knows what it's like to rise up after adversity and loss, a woman facing down her own mortality with each passing day that hope withers away, and how love can blossom in the most life changing of circumstances. Or simply put, it's the story of one man who gives a woman his kidney and ends up losing his heart in the process as well. Either way, this was a hell of a read.

The moment Pascha "Pace" Vineyard read the Facebook post about a man's daughter needing a kidney, he knew just what he had to do. He knows who Oakley Spurlock is, having served with her younger brother in the Army and looking forward to each and every time Ford Spurlock would open one of his sister's care packages, and having learned of her family's desperate search for a kidney, something urges him to see if he could be a possible match. The two of them share a rare bond, but it soon becomes clear that it goes beyond what Pace did for Oakley and it's certainly a bond that's more than friendship. Pace has given Oakley his kidney, and he's hoping she'll be more than willing to also take his heart, but when hate and jealousy come into their lives, he's ready to give up his life for her.

This series has gotten better and better, and I, as a reader, am reaping the rewards. I loved Oakley and Pace's story, both for it's uniqueness and for it being about fate, and who doesn't love a well-written story about fated love that happens to have a deliciously slow-burn feel to it? Sure, this could have been pegged as a falling-for-your-best-friend's-sibling romance, but this doesn't have all the drama-rama you'd expect, i.e. ticked-off sibling telling the friend to stay away. And while the villain is obvious from the get-go, you're going to want to see how the jackass is taken down. This had a pinch of angst to it, but enough for an angst addict like me. I'd Rather Not isn't just my favorite book in the KPD Motorcycle Patrol series; it's my favorite Lani Lynn Vale book (as of now!). Five-plus stars. ♥


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Date Read: 07 August 2019

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