Review: The Last Post by Renée Carlino

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided Atria Books.

I've read all of Renée Carlino's books, and I've never doubted this author's ability to weave the sort of romances that capture your attention and stay with you even after you're done reading them. Her writing has been consistently at par with my high expectations, and the same can be said for her latest standalone. Where The Last Post falters, however, is the story line itself as well as any sort of connection I felt for either of the main characters, save for one character and he just happens to be the one that passes away tragically soon after the first few pages.

Cameron Bennett's daredevil spirit was one of the things that Laya Marston loved best about him. He was always looking for the next adventure--for the next challenge--but when he dies right before his wife's very eyes, Laya retreats from life as she knew it. She refuses to believe her beloved husband is gone and shies away from everyone, including her work as a surgeon, choosing instead to communicate with him through Facebook. It's not until her father's protege at his architectural firm notices her Facebook posts. Can Micah Evans change Laya's life?

The blurb for this novel took hold of me, and I was prepared for a great deal of angst and an extraordinary story of finding love a second time around. I can check the angst part off of my check list; the extraordinary love story, not so much. In all of Laya's grief over losing Cameron, the connection between her Micah was lost, making it difficult for me as a reader to form the sort of connection with either one of them to make me emotionally invested in their happily-ever-after. There was so much stepping forward and then leaping back, that it did become rather tiresome.

There is a certain point very late in the book where things do seem to fall into place, with the pacing quickening and the development of the relationship between Laya and Micah making actual progress instead of this back and forth of progression and regression. From there, everything becomes a smoother read, one where I did feel a spark between the characters as well as a spark of interest on my part. Renée Carlino's writing is impressive as always, and that, as well as the last quarter of this standalone romance novel, I've decided to award The Last Post 3.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 19 August 2019

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