Review: Shattered Pieces by K.M. Neuhold (Heathens Ink #4)

 Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Michelle Slagan in exchange for an honest review.

Shattered Pieces is the fourth novel in the K.M. Neuhold-penned Heathens Ink series, and we've finally got Gage Vaus's happily-ever-after! Thirty-one-year-old Gage hasn't stopped mourning the untimely death of the love of his life, Johnny Truman, even though it's been nearly a decade since Johnny took his own life. No one's really made him sit up and take notice...that is, until thirty-one-year-old dancer Becket Hoffman steps through the threshold of Heathens Ink to get a peacock tattoo in honor of his late twin sister. Beck recognizes that weight of loss that Gage carries on his shoulders, and he can't help but want to be the one to help the guy see that life goes on and that there's no harm in moving forward. The two strike up an unlikely friendship, and Beck appreciates that Gage seems to accept the guy that he is--the one who wears suits while doing his day job as a lawyer while donning make-up, heels, and lacy underwear the rest of the time. But if Beck is being honest with himself, his feelings for Gage have gone beyond friendship, but is can there be a happy ending when Gage is clearly still in love with the boy he lost?

This book certainly had it's heavy moments, what with Gage needing to deal with Johnny's death and giving himself permission to not just acknowledge his feelings towards Beck, but to actually pursue the guy who's made his heart start beating again. These two were more alike than you would think--they both know what the loss of the person they loved most is like and they're both trying to find the person they truly want to be, the one that's not shackled by the need to conform or by the crushing feeling of sadness. As always, the rest of the Heathens crew is in full force, and I always appreciate getting to see how couples whose stories I've already read are faring in the present. I liked that there was an emphasis put on the relationship between Gage and Adam, Johnny's older brother and Gage's best friend. This is probably my favorite book in the series to date, and while I was hoping Owen would up next, especially after some guy named Finn came looking for him, but I'm good with Clay and Max, too. Hey, I'm up for anyone when it comes to this series that has become a favorite. 4.5 stars for Shattered Pieces. ♥


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Date Read: 02 November 2017

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