Review: Legs by Kelly Siskind (One Wild Wish #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

It all started with her standalone debut, Chasing Crazy, and was further cemented with her Over the Top trio of fabulously funny love stories, but my adoration of Kelly Siskind's writing has reached the point of addiction because I can't seem to get enough of it, especially not after having read her new series starter. Legs is the first in her One Wild Wish series, and it begins with three best friends who share the same birthday. They each make a wish when they turn twenty-seven, and if the next two books are in the same vein as the opening salvo, then I'm guessing those wishes of theirs will prove to be wildly and wonderfully life-changing in only the best ways possible.

Rachel Kates is anything but reckless, but maybe it's time to throw caution to the wind, and what better way than with a one-night stand? It's an unforgettable one--unforgettable because she can't seem to remember much about it. When she crosses paths with thirty-year-old Jimmy Leon, he can't quite believe that the woman who rocked his world can't recall their explosive hook-up. Now, he doesn't just want the memories to return to her in vivid color, but he wants to make sure that she'll never forget him. Things between Rachel and Jimmy heat up and become far more serious than either one could have anticipated, but is there any hope for them when secrets and lies come to light? Rachel may have fallen in love with Jimmy Leon, but will she still feel the same for one Jimmy Giannopoulos?

If you look at the cover for this book, Legs is touted as "a smart, sexy romantic comedy", and I'm happy to report that there is truth in this novel's advertising. Rachel and Jimmy's story is both smart and sexy, peppered liberally with wit and humor and a whole lot of heart. If you're an angst addict like I am, rest easy because there should be enough angst here to keep you satisfied. There isn't a great deal of it, but it's the perfect amount for a story like this one, because hello, it is a rom-com and overdosing on the angst and drama would have killed the vibe. Kelly Siskind does lighthearted love stories and she does them well, proving that she not only knows her audience but she never panders to her readers nor does she dumb her storytelling down. She knows what we want and what we need, and it always like an adventure reading all her romances and getting to know her fabulous cast of characters.

I really, really, REALLY loved Rachel and Jimmy. They both had interesting back stories--personal histories that have made them into the people that they are today, and those personal histories do play a role in how they are in the relationship they establish with each other. Having wineries and vineyards as part of the backdrop for their story piqued my curiosity. I'm not a wine drinker--I do prefer my Long Island Iced Teas and mule--and you would think that with wine being a huge component of the story, I'd have been dazed and confused, but nope! I was curious and the romance between Rachel and Jimmy more than sufficed, as did the situation regarding Rachel's relationship with her mother and Jimmy's with his estranged immediate family. From start to finish, I enjoyed this sharp and sweet love story, and it sets everything up quite nicely for the next novel in the One Wild Wish series, Stud, which is slated for released sometime in January 2018. Siskind has yet another five-starred winner with Legs. ♥

Date Read: 05 October 2017

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