Review: Holding Onto Forever by Heidi McLaughlin (Beaumont: The Next Generation #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

If you're a fan of bestselling author Heidi McLaughlin's Beaumont series, with its starter and her debut release launching her career, then you were probably thrilled over her decision to create a spin-off series featuring the children of the main characters from there! Naturally, she kicks things off with the first Beaumont offspring introduced--Noah Westbury, now twenty-five and a professional football player and the eldest child of Liam and Josie of Forever My Girl fame. He shares this love story with Peyton Powell-James, one of the twenty-year-old twin daughters of the late Mason Powell and Katelyn Powell-James and stepdaughter to Harrison James, who happens to be a college student with aspirations of becoming a sports journalist. Yep. We're switching from music to sports.

Their families have always been close--Liam's childhood best friend was Mason and Katelyn has always been Josie's bestie, and Harrison is one of Liam's best friends and fellow rock star--but Noah and Peyton have their own close friendship, even with the five-year difference. But it's that same age gap that's had Noah stopping himself from pursuing anything more romantic or intimate with his best friend. He's got a steady girlfriend and she's opening herself to the possibility of being with someone. Maybe when she's finally twenty-one, he can go after the one thing he wants most--her. Then life takes an unexpected and life-altering turn, not just once but twice. Will these drive Noah and Peyton to go in different directions--away from each other--or will this bring them closer together?

I liked that the first book was about Noah and that he's paired up with another Beaumont baby. It looks, though, that that's the direction the rest of the series is headed towards, and I'm kinda hoping that won't be the case because it'll just feel like inter-breeding--as if the kids of the original couples couldn't be with anyone else except those they grew up with. As far as the Noah and Peyton romance goes, it proved to be an enjoyable one. I wasn't a fan of Noah's girlfriend--the twist regarding that particular relationship was one I saw coming a mile away--but I adored Kyle Zimmerman, who I hope will be paired with one of the other Beaumont kids. Holding Onto Forever was a slow burn romance and just like their respective parents, it had friends becoming more. This gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 October 2017

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