Review: Last Marine Standing by RJ Scott (Heroes #2)

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Samuel Larson was introduced in the Heroes series starter, and it was clear that the man had a story to tell. The twenty-five-year-old forest ranger survived a harrowing kidnapping alongside his twin sister over a decade ago, and all this time, he's wanted to relay his gratitude to the four men who rescued them. Sam, however, soon finds himself in the middle of a situation that has him dodging bullets and trying to evade traps. Two of the members of his rescue team composed of marines are dead, one badly injured, and the last one is very much wary of Sam's presence. Of course, there's a more than valid reason for thirty-five-year-old former Marine Force Recon Mackenzie Jackson to be extra careful, what with the suspicious deaths of his two friends and former team members and the attempted murder of his best friend. Now, it looks like the bad guys have their sights set on Sam as well. The young man has done his fair share of growing up since the last time Mac's seen him. Faced with an unknown enemy, Mac and Sam will do everything to remain the last men standing even as they fall for each other.

While A Reason to Stay was good, I must admit that this second Heroes story from RJ Scott was much better, both in terms of the romance between the two main characters and the suspense element, which had both mystery and action. Mac's and Sam's paths crossed once before, and it was an experience that definitely left a mark on both guys, but there was nothing romantic about it either. Sam's involvement in what's happening to Mac in the present is unwitting but I loved that he wasn't some shrinking violet, choosing to stay and fight by Mac's side with his eyes wide open. There are twists here that gave the book a full circle feel to it--as if I needed even more to love this second in a series. Then there was the supporting cast--from Viktor Zavodny and Aiden Coleman from book one to Mac's best friend and his dog to Sam's family--that added more texture to this fantastic story. The lulls were far from boring; if anything, they were more contemplative, giving me an opportunity to get to know Mac and Sam even better. As I write this review, I've already read all three currently available books in the Heroes series, and Last Marine Standing is definitely the best of the lot and my favorite book. I'm giving this fab read five out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 17 October 2017

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