Review: Bitten by Desire by Annabelle Jacobs (Regent's Park Pack #3)

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Bitten by Mistake gave me the nibble that caught my interest, and Bitten by Design was the morsel that kept my attention, but Bitten by Desire is the next course that has sated my appetite (for now) for all things Regent's Park Pack. Annabelle Jacobs blew whatever expectations I had for this third book in the series to smithereens. I liked the first two novels but number three was the one I adored, making me not just excited for even more from this paranormal romance series, but it may very well inspire me to get a petition started should Jacobs decide to not continue on with all things Regent's Park shifters. Seriously, we can't be done at three, not when there are quite a few more members of this fab pack that I desperately want to get to know even better. But I digress. Moving on...

The Regent's Park Pack and the Primrose Hill Pack are rival packs, but with accusations being thrown by both camps, the animosity between them threatens to boil over. With the alpha council being brought in to hopefully settle matters, it would only make sense for members of either pack to keep their distance from one another...except P-Pack's twenty-four-year-old Mark Appleton and R-Pack's forty-year-old Alec Knight, who just happens to be a beta, can't seem to avoid each other. But then they don't appear to be all that interested in doing so, not with the connection that appears to have sparked to life from the moment Alec rescued Mark. When caught between loyalty to the pack or the desire to bond with a potential mate, which will Alec and Mark choose?

There was tension and lots of it and not just exclusively the sexual kind either. Loyalty to one's alpha--to one's pack--is vital but how do you remain loyal to an alpha whose motives you don't trust? Also, how do you stay away from a beta who belongs to the pack your pack is supposed to hate? While Mark has his issues with certain members within the P-Pack, Alec is dealing with ghosts from his past, making for an even more enthralling story. Not only did I want to find out how things would turn out for Alec and Mark, but I also wanted to see how either pack would retaliate. With the new structure at the end of this third book, I'm curious to see how it will turn out going forward. Yes, Annabelle Jacobs, I'm watching and waiting! Bitten by Desire is a five-starred recommendation! ♥


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Date Read: 14 October 2017

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