Review: Unloved by Katy Regnery

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I have a beautiful, nameless guardian angel hero who I love. 
Who left me here. 
Who doesn't know who he really is. 
Who is as lost to himself as he is to me.

Unloved is one of those novels that is so much more than its synopsis. Heck, reading the synopsis may even make you think the book will be going in one particular direction. Then there's that cover, which may make the story laying in wait seem more of a dark romance. Here's the thing, whatever ideas you may have formed in your head, chuck them aside and simply go into this with an open mind and heart. Why? Because this is Katy Regnery's best work to date, and she's a prolific writer, so that's saying something. Full disclosure: I haven't read ALL of the author's previously published books, specifically, all but one of her English Brothers novels and her Enchanted Places and Heart of Montana series, so I'm saying that this latest is Regnery at her best based on my personal reading experience with her work. If you've never read her stuff before, Unloved is an excellent book to start with.

Thirty-year-old Brynn Cadogan's life as she knew it ended two years ago. Nowadays, she's alive but she's barely living, merely going through the routine that has become her life. When she stumbles upon one word left behind by the man whom she loved most, she considers it a sign to climb both a literal and proverbial mountain. Coming out of hiding, she leaves the comfort of San Francisco fir Maine. It's there that Brynn crosses paths with Cassidy Porter. At twenty-seven, he's a man who's kept to himself, mindful of the judgmental whispers and wary glances he's received since he was a boy. But then, that's what happens when you're the son of a man who was found guilty--and later put to death--of the murders of several women. Like Brynn, Cassidy prefers to be hidden--invisible--but once their lives intersect, each could be the key in finding what neither was consciously seeking--to be loved.

I'm making a conscious effort from giving any additional details as far as the plot of the book is concerned. Like I mentioned earlier, the synopsis given for the book is a mere inkling, if even, of what awaits you in this heartrending novel. Going in, I already knew how gifted of a writer Regnery was, but Brynn and Cass's love story is of a completely different level. She could have taken this in the same well-worn--albeit well-loved--path others have before, but she clearly set new standards for herself with this one, and by God, did she surpass them. Goodness me, just when you think the story couldn't get any better, the author gifts her readers with a twist that made me gasp out loud. This is a book that you'll want--need!--to read. It's a tale about love and acceptance and how we are more than our past. Unloved is on a few 2017 Best Reads lists; now, it's on mine as well. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 15 October 2017

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