Review: Hopelessly Bromantic by Lauren Blakely (Hopelessly Bromantic #1)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

If you're a longtime Lauren Blakely reader, you know that she oftentimes have characters crossing over from one series to another, so TJ Hardman should be someone you're familiar with. Now, if you're new to this author or haven't picked something up of hers in a while and want to dive back in via her Hopelessly Bromantic duet, worry not! You don't need to read anything else prior to diving into the series starter that shares the same name as the duet. Although, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Blakely has a free prequel novella, Shameless Flirt, that shows how an American who dreams of becoming a novelist TJ Hardman meets aspiring British actor Jude Graham on the very first day of TJ's year-long stay in London for work. If you're like me and you like and introduction to the characters and the beginnings of their story, then I recommend you get this novella.

Now, this being the first part in a duet that features the same main characters basically clues you in on the fact that Hopeless Bromantic ends on a cliffhanger. The conclusion to TJ and Jude's story, Here Comes My Man, is slated for release closer to the end of month, so that isn't necessarily an overly long wait, plus you never know, Lauren Blakely may choose to publish it earlier than scheduled, which was what happened with this first book. This is also told from the first-person perspectives of both main characters, which is something I appreciate because then we can get respective takes on whatever's going on. 

The story also has a twenty-three-year-old TJ in London with Jude and then we see them seven years later in the US, with both achieving success in their dream careers. There's no denying they have that spark, but there are complications and secrets that are bound to make their happily-ever-after one they'll have to choose to fight for. From the banter that straddled the line between friendly and flirty to the romantic and erotic moments, Lauren Blakely had me falling in love with TJ and Jude just as they were falling for each other. Suffice it to say that I'm already counting the days until I finally have my pre-order of Here Comes My Man in my greedy hands. I'm handing Hopelessly Bromantic five stars.

Release Date: 31 May 2022

Date Read: 23 May 2022

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