Review: Honestly Yours by Jaime Reese

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

“If you want my twisted mind and mangled heart... It's yours.”

Let me be perfectly honest: I FLOVE THIS BOOK! Yep, totally present tense because I'm STILL experiencing a major book hangover, and I have no one to blame but Giovanni Benedetti and Warren Prescott. Oh, and Jaime Reese, too, because she is the absolute creative genius behind Gian and Ren and their swoon-worthy love story, all of which plays out in Honestly Yours. This is a standalone M/M romance featuring two main characters who may seem like opposites but fit each other in ways that neither immediately expected. If you've never read any of Reese's books before (seriously?!), then may I humbly suggest you check them out as soon as humanly possible. This newest novel of hers is truly as good a place as any to discover her writing.

When forty-two-year-old Giovanni Benedetti is approached at the exclusive club he's a member of, he's not quite sure how to react to the gorgeous younger man with the cheesy pick-up lines delivered with undeniable charm. Thirty-year-old club owner Warren Prescott has had his eye on Gian for months, and imagine his surprise when he learns that the man known for his success in construction and renovation has a kink--honesty. Gian's been carefully guarding his heart after countless betrayals from friends and lovers, but there's something about Warren that makes him want to take a chance at something more. In turn, Warren's never opened himself up to a relationship, but could Gian be the man who makes the possibility of forever a reality? The problem is, someone has their sights set on Gian, and Warren will do everything to protect him.

From the moment Gian and Ren are introduced in the first chapter of this book, Jaime Reese had me, hook, line, and sinker. My curiosity was piqued and soon enough, I was emotionally invested in them and their story. There was romance and sex, plus heart and heat, and humor and angst. Oh, and there's even a bit of mystery with regards to who could be making trouble for this couple. AND THERE'S A TWIST! Admittedly, my one and only suspect as to who the villain was turned out to be spot-on, and the twist was one that I thought about a couple of times while I was reading the book. But that doesn't take a single thing away from how awesomely wonderful a read Honestly Yours was. I loved every single thing this book had to offer. Oh, hold on. Let me take that back. I didn't love this book. I. FLOVED. IT!!! Le sigh. I can never get enough of this author's writing, and what a way to come back after nearly two years since her last release. Five-plus stars.

Release Date: 12 May 2022

Date Read: 08 May 2022

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