Review: Your French Kisses by Lauren Blakely (Boyfriend Material #3.5)

This day. This moment. 
It feels different from other moments. 
She's different from other women. 
Soon we'll go our separate ways, but I always want to remember the American woman I met one afternoon in Paris before I had to catch a flight.

Sometimes, all you need is a handful of minutes to realize that what you have in your hands--what you're currently experiencing--is special. Lauren Blakely's Your French Kisses is exactly that. Within the first couple of minutes of reading this novella--one that closes out the author's Boyfriend Material series--I knew that this was going to be one of those rare gems. Short, sweet, yet still so damn satisfying that it leaves one hell of a fab lasting impression.

An American and a Brit meet in Paris. They're both spending their last day in the city on their own, but then their paths cross. Hours later, Marley and Reid know they've left their mark on each other, their lives changing in the most subtle of ways. But time has ticked by and they go their separate ways--Marley back to New York for business school, and Reid back to London for work. He leaves her with a promise, but will have ever get a chance to keep it?

Le sigh. I adored every single about this book. Reid and Marley were introduced in previous books in the series, but this novella can totally be read and appreciated on its own. Happenstance brought them together. Circumstance pulled them apart. Now, whether it's fate or coincidence that's at play later in their story is easily debatable, but I, for one, am a sucker for a happy ending regardless of how it comes about. And Reid and Marley's ending? HAPPY.

This book was like the chocolate Reid and Marley were devouring in the story. It's a morsel of deliciousness in fictional romance form. I'm all for full-length novels, but sometimes, all it takes is less than a hundred pages of a love story that entices a smile on your face from the get-go, leaving you with a bigger one by the end. I was waiting for Lauren Blakely to release Your French Kisses on the 6th, but kisses to her for publishing it early! Five-plus stars. ♥


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Release Date: 06 March 2020 04 March 2020

Date Read: 04 March 2020

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