Review: Godfather Wars by Brittany Cournoyer

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Gay Romance Reviews ARC Team.

My first and only read from Brittany Cournoyer prior to her latest standalone was Captivated, the first in her Out of Darkness series, and it was a darker read, thanks to elements of mystery and suspense alongside the budding romance between the main characters. Her new book, however, had a totally different feel, and in the midst of being forced to stay indoors because of an enhanced community quarantine, Godfather Wars was precisely what I needed in my life. This was an enemies-to-lovers romance and while it took awhile for the main characters to get their acts together, goodness, but how they kept it entertaining all throughout. And yes to this being a standalone!

Dolan Masters and Everett Henson did NOT like each other. Nope, not one little bit. The fact that their respective best friends happened to be married to each other meant Dolan and Everett were forced to tolerate--barely at that--the presence of the other whenever they got together was a cross they had to bear. When their best friends announce that they're expecting a baby, both men insist that they'd be the best choice for godfather. There can only be one, so in order to figure out who would be best, a competition is proposed. Challenges will be thought up by their friends, and whoever between Dolan and Everett has the most points wins. Let the godfather wars begin!

This was an enjoyable rom-com treat. From the snark to the fur babies and everything in between, I'd be hard-pressed to find anything I didn't like about this book in terms of story and characters. There was no love lost between Dolan and Everett, and the reason for that is revealed many chapters into the book, but whether or not there was justification for those feelings, it was clear that it was very much mutual. I loved seeing their relationship go from enemies to competitors and then to hesitant comrades and then much more. I adored the supporting characters, and Delilah reminded me of my Oliver. Brittany Cournoyer has a fab read in Godfather Wars. 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 29 March 2020

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