Review: Sex and Other Shiny Objects by Lauren Blakely (Boyfriend Material #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

“I love you. I love you. I love you. Please love me too.”

I absolutely adored this friends-to-lovers romance from Lauren Blakely! Sex and Other Shiny Objects is the second book in her Boyfriend Material series, and if you read the series starter, Asking for a Friend, you'll remember that twenty-nine-year-old besties Tristan Alexander, a bar and restaurant owner, and Peyton Valencia, a lingerie store owner, are doing a bit of...hands-on experimentation in the name of research! Best friends since college, these two are as close as two people can get. They may have shared one unforgettable kiss that never became much of anything due to certain circumstances, but it's never been a point of contention in their friendship. They're supportive of each other, trusting one wouldn't hesitate to help the other out. So, when Peyton needs someone to test out some well-known romance tropes for a guide she's creating, Tristan is glad she never asked anyone else. After all, the idea of the girl you've had feelings for over the past decade being with another guy isn't all that comforting, but that doesn't mean he's anywhere close to confessing his feelings. Maybe some prodding will help?

First things first: I FLOVED Peyton's last name!!! I was thrilled when I saw it in the book, and ended up grinning like an idiot every time it was mentioned. Okay, now that I've got that out of the way, can I just say that I loved everything about the book, but there are three things that I really must mention as standout moments: first is Tristan's relationship with his younger brother, seventeen-year-old Barrett; second is that the author didn't drag out the complication that pops up; and third is Tristan and Peyton's "reconciliation" (I'm using this term extremely loosely since there wasn't any type of cutting of ties between them). These two main characters are driven by their respective careers as business owners, but they also have time for their families and friends, and who doesn't love well-rounded people in their books? The story was lighthearted and the characters easy-going, and there wasn't any unnecessary drama nor did anything feel out of place. Lauren Blakely truly has mastered the art of writing romantic comedies with a heart and heat you can't get enough of. Five-plus stars for Sex and Other Shiny Objects. ♥


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Release Date: 13 January 2020

Date Read: 12 January 2020

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