Review: Tequila by Dr. Rebecca Sharp (Country Love #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing Solutions.

I've read about four of Dr. Rebecca Sharp's books so far this year, but it's this fifth one that's definitely become my favorite. It's also the one that's really made me sit up and pay attention, thanks to some fantastic writing and two characters that I could get my heart behind. Tequila is the first book out of Sharp's new Country Love series, and I can only hope that the rest of the books to follow are as good as this one. I've already got the next book on my list of anticipated reads for 2020, and that's simply based on my reading experience with this second-chance romance.

This is more novella in length, but it certainly didn't need to be as long as a saga in order to share the sort of romance that grabs your heart and refuses to let go of it from start to finish. When they'd met, Shay Covington was twenty-two and a newly graduated cadet out of the Air Force Academy, and Logan Daniels was a thirty-year-old ranger with Estes Park, Colorado. Theirs was a spark that led to a life-changing night together, but then she left without a word. Six years later, she returns with her wings clipped, hoping that he'll keep his promise to catch her.

The author did a fabulous job keeping this story going at an even space but doesn't skimp on both heart and heat. Because of the way Shay left, there's a whole lot of hurt on Logan's end, and I more than appreciated that there wasn't this quick fix to their separation. There's also some major back story to what happened during the time they were apart, and then everything that unfolds once Shay returns to Estes. Let me sum it up for you in three words: Read. This. Book. Oh, let me add another. NOW. I'm giving Tequila five stars. Now, the wait begins for Ready to Run. ♥

Date Read: 06 December 2019

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