Review: The Perfect Woman by Nicole French (Rose Gold #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing Solutions.

You know how the second book (not including a prequel novella, if any, of course) in a continuing series can sometimes feel like more filler than anything else? Well, Nicole French has bucked that trend with The Perfect Woman, which is the second full-length novel--but third overall release--in her Rose Gold series. A quick but important note: This series MUST be read in order because it does have a continuing story line that involves the same couple and cast of supporting characters. Also, if you've yet to read any of the previous books, I may end up mentioning something in this review that may very well turn out to be spoiler-like so consider this a heads-up.

Nina Astor De Vries Gardner is passionately and desperately in love with a man who is not her husband. Calvin Gardner is the bane of her existence; Matthew Zola is one of the very few points of light in the shadows that surround her. She struggles to keep it together for the sake of her daughter. She isn't perfect, no matter how convinced Matthew is that she is every bit the perfect woman. Once he learns of the secret that she's kept from him, she has no doubt that he'll realize how imperfect she actually is. When all has been said and done, how will Nina go to protect those she loves most?

I love an in-depth back story, and readers get to know Nina's history--or maybe it's better to call it HERstory--and how she's come to living the life that she is now. No, she isn't perfect, but goodness, how inspiring was her courage and strength to push through life's challenges? Her relationship with Matthew may seem like a complication, but I prefer to see it as the impetus that'll set Nina's course in a more hopeful direction. The bar's been set once again! Five stars go to The Perfect Woman.


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Date Read: 01 August 2020

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