Review: Taunting Callum by Kristen Proby (Big Sky Royal #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Valentine PR.

Kristen Proby's next couple to find Love under the Big Sky (see what I did there?) is Callum Wakefield, more formally known as HRH Prince Callum, third son of the current British monarch, and Aspen Calhoun nee Hansen, a widow who lost her husband and daughter five years prior and owner of Drips & Sips. These two shared a memorable one-...erm...afternoon stand. At least Aspen thought it was memorable; not so much Callum, she guesses, because the next time he sees her, it takes longer than one would think necessary for it to click who she is. From that moment on, Aspen makes a point of ignoring Callum as best she can, member of royalty or not. Two years of trying to apologize hasn't worked, so it may be time for Callum to let his actions speak for him. And maybe, just maybe, this prince will charm his way back into the good graces--and heart--of the one woman who has held him totally captive.

This book is touted as an enemies-to-lovers royal romance, but I don't really think of Callum and Aspen as enemies, since the negative feelings were one-sided. If we have to label it, I'd consider it more of a second-chance royal romance, but even that is kinda-sorta-maybe pushing it because these two weren't really in some sort of committed relationship prior to what caused Aspen to keep her distance from Callum. Whatever trope you want to put this book under, though, what matters most is the fact that Kristen Proby has given her readers in general and fans of the Big Sky Royal series in particular a great romance with a strong heroine, a swoon-worthy hero (after he makes up for that oops moment that left him the proverbial doghouse for two years), and the oddly adorable small-town and royal mash-up she has going. I'm still hoping Frederick and Catherine get their story told even if they already got their happily-ever-after, but either way, Taunting Callum charmingly snags five stars.


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Date Read: 22 August 2020

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