Audiobook Review: Out on the Serve by Lane Hayes, narrated by Michael Dean (Out in College #7)

Note: The audiobook was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design.

I have a thing for Lane Hayes's stories; I especially have a thing for her audiobooks, proudly declaring that I have every single one of them. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I adore her writing and her ability for finding just the right kind of narrator for every single series. Don't you love it when an author uses the same narrator for each book in a series? Yep, that's part of why I never hesitate to one-click her audiobooks. Her latest one is the newest Out in College story, and it's once again voiced by none other than Michael Dean, one of the absolute best VO artists around.

Out on the Serve is a roommates to friends to lovers story between two former collegiate volleyball players who used to be rivals. Elliot Newcombe, a new professional volleyball player, has got himself a new roommate in Braden Marquette, a volleyball player who was on the opposite side of the net when they played in college. With Braden moving to Long Beach, being able to afford housing with someone like Elliot is a great setup. Becoming friends is a bonus, but not being attracted to your roommate is an impossibility. Spurred on by lustful feelings, Elliot and Braden cross that line, but when a more serious emotion creeps in, will these two be able to fight for their newfound love when pressure comes at them from all sides?

I always enjoy getting to re-experience a book I've fallen in love with through a different format, which is why audiobooks have become so darn addictive. Lane Hayes did a great job allowing Elliot and Braden's story to develop over a period of time, so listeners get to hear about how they became roomies and then buddies before they decided to act on that undeniable attraction of theirs. Michael Dean took the story and characters and added his own brand of brilliance to it, making for a wholly entertaining listening experience overall. Out on the Serve receives five stars.

Date Listened to: 17 August 2020

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