Review: Drive Me Wild by Melanie Harlow (Bellamy Creek #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

We're back in Michigan, and this time around, bestselling author Melanie Harlow takes us about three hours away from Cloverleigh Farms over at the Leelenau Peninsula to Bellamy Creek and introduces us to this small town and its residents. Harlow kicks off her new Bellamy Creek series with an opposites-attract romance titled Drive Me Wild. Here we've got Griffin Dempsey, thirty-two-year-old mechanic and owner of the generations-old Bellamy Creek Garage, and Blair Beaufort, thirty-year-old Tennessean looking to start the next chapter of her life in Cloverleigh Farms and dreams of one day opening her own bake shop. She's a distraction he doesn't want, but maybe one he needs more than he'd like to admit. As long as they stick to the rules, a short-term fling would be okay--no harm, no foul. After all, she's leaving for Cloverleigh Farms in a few weeks, then things can then get back to normal. Right?

Who doesn't love it when a new series gets off to as great a start as Bellamy Creek just did? Melanie Harlow not only gives readers a standalone story that has a happy ending, but she also introduces everyone to a cast of characters that has you wanting to get to know them better and see how their journey to their own HEA turns out. Griffin and Blaire had an unforgettable meet-cute, and that set the bar high, a bar that Harlow met as this lighthearted small-town romance with a bite of angst unfolded. I appreciated that while Blaire may have grown up more than comfortably, she wasn't some whiny high society girl that complained how difficult her new lot in life was. She was resilient and brave and truly had a good heart. She was exactly what Griffin needed in his life, even if the guy tried to resist and insist on his rules and all that jazz. If I had any lingering doubts about him being worthy of her, he erased each one in the epilogue. Such a le sigh moment. Drive Me Wild was a fantastic five-starred beginning to this series, and I cannot wait for more from Bellamy Creek.

Release Date: 24 August 2020

Date Read: 22 August 2020

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