Review: Leo by Jay McLean (Preston Brothers #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

I want you, I don't say. 
Not out loud. 
But I think it. 
Through every fiber of my being, I feel it.

There's no author quite like Jay McLean. In a book world where authors are lauded by their readers for writing about bullies who think they're alphas simply because they're able to make others feel small or young adult (YA) and new adult (NA) novels that feel more like the characters are way too adult or find themselves in fantastical non-fantasy romance situations. That doesn't mean that I don't read any of the books; I do, but there's a saturation of them, and I crave stories that aren't just mostly about heat--I crave the ones that have heart and how it triumphs above all else, no matter how bruised, battered, or broken it may be. And that's where Jay McLean comes in. She's in an exclusive class of authors whose stories don't just tickle my temporary fancy--they stay with you long after you've reached the end and you think of fondly.

Leo is the third novel in the author's Preston Brothers series, which is a spin-off of the much loved More Than series. Personally speaking, you don't need to necessarily need any of the previous books--I've yet to read the aforementioned series that launched Jay McLean's career into the stratosphere in new adult romance, although I have read the first two Preston Brothers books, Lucas and Logan, respectively--so as to fully enjoy or understand McLean's latest release. However, if you want to whole wonderful reading experience, I highly recommend you read the series in order, then add the More Than novels on your to-be-read list. And they're all on Kindle Unlimited.

I'm going to have to adjust my list of top reads for 2020 because if any book deserves to be on it, it's this one. This wasn't just a romance; Leo was a life AND love story, one that starred two of the most unforgettable main characters I've ever had the pleasure of "getting to know": Leo Preston and Mia Kovács. Theirs was a tale of childhood friendship, innocent crushes, first loves, and lasting forevers. This is by no means a quick read. The book is lengthy, and other than anthologies, this is the longest single title I've read so far this year--but oh wow, was it worth every solitary minute I spent reading it. Jay McLean's writing is beyond compare, and the cast of characters are the sort that make you feel like you wish you knew them in real life. This puts the MUST in must read, and if I could give it anything higher than five-plus stars I truly would.

Release Date: 10 August 2020

Date Read: 08 August 2020

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