Review: Warrior Blue by Kelsey Kingsley

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

My eyes flicked back to the sharp black lines, teasing me from beneath her collar. The cross hung above them, playing in multiple contrasts. Darkness and light. Hell and Heaven. Evil and good. Standing there, I then felt the analogy applies to us as well. Her, in pink and denim. Me, in black and nothing but. Her, wearing the symbol of Christ. Me, wearing the anger of the damned.

Kelsey Kingsley's Forget the Stars was one of my top reads for 2019, and her latest release, Warrior Blue, has just earned its spot on the list of this year's top reads. This was a romance, but it was also so much more than "just" a romance. This was the story of a man who struggled with feelings of guilt and being undeserving of any sort of happiness because of what happened to his twin brother. He finds love and hope in the unlikeliest of women...or maybe not so unlikely. Whether it be because of fate or circumstance or both, life is about to shift for him forever.

Thirty-three-year-old Blake Carson is a gifted tattoo artist whose life revolves around his twin brother, Jacob. Whether it's out of devotion or obligation is just one of the things his therapist, Dr. Vanessa Travetti, tries to help him have a better understanding of. After everything that Jake has been through, Blake knows that his twin needs to be his number one priority, so he can't afford to have twenty-six-year-old Audrey Wright distract him. After all, love, joy, and all that jazz could never be meant for a guy like Blake, no matter how much others tell him otherwise.

Whatever I thought I was going to get from this book was surpassed by what lay between the proverbial covers. Kelsey Kingsley has penned a story that touches on love, family, and faith (not to be confused with religion) but never felt preachy to me. If anything, I found Blake's story to be awe-inspiring, one that made me smile and laugh while also leading me to tear up and have my heart clench in my chest. It was a reminder that God--much like love--moves in the most mysterious yet life-changing of ways. Five-plus stars for the highly recommended Warrior Blue. ♥

Release Date: 12 January 2020

Date Read: 12 January 2020

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