Review: Destructive by Jay McLean (Combative #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

She's fallen asleep. And so as carefully as possible, I pick her up off the floor and bring her to her bedroom, where I promise myself it'll be the last selfish thing I'll ever do when it comes to her: I watch her sleep in my arms and hope that one day, she'll stand tall, find peace, and love freely amid the destruction around her.

Can I just say that I'm glad I had all three books on-hand when I started reading Jay McLean's Combative series? I don't think I could have handled the years-long wait between the second and third books, or even the few months between the first and second ones either. I'm not exactly known for my patience. But for those of you out there who did discover this series via the series starter, Combative, in 2015, and then waited for the last part after reading Redemptive in 2016, I think it's safe to say the wait'll be worth it. Just hang on and hold tight for the ride!

Nathaniel DeLuca's life had been planned out even before he was born, but then that's how it is when your grandfather happens to be a mob boss. This was, however, not the kind of life that Nate had ever wanted. Duty demanded that he stay the course--one that had been set out for him. The legacy that his family had was one that needed to be honored, but Nate has long been torn about whether or not he dared veer down a different path. Redemption may await him if he finds the courage to go down that twisted road, but will destruction lay in wait?

I tried my best to sound as vague as possible because while I know some readers don't mind spoilers, many do. Just a reminder: the three books in the Combative series--Combative, Redemptive, and Destructive--MUST be read in order, especially considering the first two have cliffhangers and everything is connected. All those questions that have been lingering in my head? I got my answers. Some of them were heartbreaking, others far more hopeful, but this fantastic book? This utterly amazing series? An absolute must-read. Hop to it! Five-plus stars go to Destructive. ♥

Release Date: 06 January 2020

Date Read: 06 January 2020

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