Audiobook Review: The Fake by Rebecca Jenshak, narrated by Jason Clarke & Ava Erickson (Smart Jocks #4)

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I loved reading the book, but listening to Nathan Payne and Chloe Macpherson's story was a whole 'nother experience, and one that I adored in equal measure. The Fake is the fourth and final audiobook in Rebecca Jenshak's Smart Jocks series, and I've been super curious as to who would be the narrators for this one but was thrilled when I learned it would be Jason Clarke and Ava Erickson. These two were the absolute best choices to give voice to Nathan and Chloe, and made this bittersweet end (as is the case when I'm as addicted as I am to such a fun and fabulous collection of stories) to this series far sweeter than bitter!

Twenty-one-year-olds Nathan Payne and Chloe Macpherson are both seniors and athletes at Valley U, with Nathan being a step away from being removed from his basketball team should he have another misstep and Chloe being the outsider on her new volleyball team as a transferee. Nathan and Chloe form a connection when they meet, with one empathizing with what the other is going through and vice-versa. A fake relationship could turn out to be mutually beneficial for both of them, especially considering they need to work on their public images. But what happens when what's supposed to be fake starts to feel real?

I absolutely loved Nathan and Chloe, and it wasn't difficult to feel for these two and what they were going through as individuals. They had that much needed chemistry that couples are required to have when it comes to romances, and Rebecca Jenshak couldn't have closed out her Smart Jocks any better than with this audiobook. The fact that Jason Clarke and Ava Erickson were impressive with their performances was like the cherry atop an already scrumptious sundae. The Fake had angst, humor, romance and all the good bits in between. This audiobook was a great way to spend the weekend. Five stars! ♥

Date Listened to: 16 December 2019

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