Review: Ryker by Sawyer Bennett (Cold Fury Hockey #4)

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He's considered the best goalie in the league, but Ryker Evans knows that nothing in the sport of hockey is ever guaranteed, including his position with the Carolina Cold Fury. He's already got a lot on his plate, what with his impending divorce and having primary custody of his two young daughters. With everything going on in his personal life, he still needs to keep his head in the game and show that he's worthy of the jersey he wears. When he learns that the new general manager for the team just happens to be the same person who was instrumental in his trade, he's ready to support Grayson Brannon, even as there are grumblings over her management skills and her being a woman. There's a connection between them, but can Gray risk her career and ambition to be with the first man who makes her want something much more?

Ryker is the fourth and latest addition to the highly addictive Cold Fury Hockey series from the bestselling author that is Sawyer Bennett. Ryker Evans is one of those players that has already established himself as one of the greatest ever, but even the greats still feel the need to prove their worthiness, especially when they're still actively participating in the sport. Ryker is the first male lead character in the series who isn't someone with a reputation when it comes to women (i.e. Alex Crossman and Garrett Samuelson) or who's handled a relationship with a woman badly (i.e. Zack Grantham). The two times he's been in an altercation had something to do with women he cared about, so his reaction was understandable, although not entirely justifiable. He's sweet, sensitive, and responsible, but still very hot.

I liked Gray Brannon and how she was this woman who knew what she wanted and fought for it. She refused to bow down to anyone, whether it be someone in management who questioned her decisions or the ex-wife of the man she was falling for. Her relationship with Ryker is unique because she's the first woman in the series who opens her eyes to new possibilities rather than it being the other way around. Ryker isn't broken or damaged nor is he someone who needs to change his ways and while Gray is no damsel in distress or a woman who needs a man to validate her existence, she begins to acknowledge that there's more to life than just being ambitious and going after the brass ring. She's a woman who can have it all, and I loved that Ryker was the one who made her see exactly that. I'm giving Ryker 4.5 stars out of five. ♥

Release Date: 08 September 2015

Date Read: 07 September 2015

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