Review: Taking a Chance by A.M. Arthur (Restoration #3)

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His late fiancé's betrayal, his drug addiction, his random hookups, and his suicide attempt are part of Elliott Quinn's past, although he still deals with ramifications of each one on a regular basis. He has his struggles but he's grateful for the circle of friends he considers family, even if he doesn't have anyone special in his life at the moment. Then he meets Augustus Rhineheart, the first man other than his friends who's made him feel cared for and accepted and Ell willingly takes a chance and give him his heart. And while Auggie feels as strongly about Ell, he knows the secret he's keeping will end what they have together. He's in deep but how does Auggie confess that he was the man Ell's late fiancé was having an affair with?

Taking a Chance is the third and final book in the Restoration trilogy from author A.M. Arthur and after reading about his struggles over several books, having Elliott Quinn finally get his story told, one with an ending he so richly deserved with Auggie Rhineheart, was worth waiting for. Elliott's life ever since he came out to his family as being gay has had more than its fair share of rejection. Receiving a letter from the man hi slate fiancé was cheating was the final straw and had him attempting to take his own life. His heartaches are plentiful but with the support of his friends, he's bouncing back and eventually finds love again with Auggie. But things are never simple in Elliott's life, especially when he learns Auggie's secret.

Elliott is one of those characters that I didn't really have much affection for when he was initially introduced, especially since he had a thing for James Taggert and I wanted James with Nathan Wolf. But he does grow on you, and it becomes increasingly clear that he's got issues. Fans of the series will recall that he knew about his fiancé cheating on him prior to the accident that had him slipping into a coma and never waking up from it. We see him fall further down the rabbit hole and now, re-starting his life brings everything full circle. Auggie's decision to not be upfront about knowing who Elliott was has its obvious consequences but the manner in which it was resolved was thankfully not done in a melodramatic fashion.

I've enjoyed the three series I've read so far, and A.M. Arthur has proven to be a go-to author, meaning, I can usually count on having an enjoyable reading experience when I crack open one of her stories. There's always a fair amount of angst balanced off with bits of lighthearted moments and humor, but the characters are often the kind that have these imperfections that make you want to root for them as they make their way to happily-ever-after. The Restoration series looked at three different relationships and while each one did get to that HEA most readers want, I liked that the author made sure the journey to getting there was hard fought and well worth the time the characters put in. 4.5 stars for Taking a Chance.

Release Date: 14 September 2015

Date Read: 14 September 2015

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